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  • The work of a home care aide. What do they do and how can they help you.
  • Jewish Home Care of Miami Dade ensures that your elderly loved one is able to live a safe and independent lifestyle, at home without having to move to an assisted living facility, or become a burden to you and the younger members of your family -something your elderly loved one hopes to avoid. Jewish Home Care of MIami Dade provides the solution,
  • The benefits of hiring a home care aide.
  • Videos explain the concept of home care very well.
  • Home Care for Boca Raton, and surrounding cities in Broward County and Palm Beach County Florida
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With Gratitude
I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you did for my mother. The team of aides, Janet, Kimka and Antoinette were categorically exceptional!!! All three caregivers gave willingly and selflessly and communicated with each other and me regarding my mother’s care. She would not have lasted as long as she did were it not for the excellent care she received from these caregivers. I will be more than happy to provide a reference for any one of them in the future.
Michael M.


Dear Staff
Many thanks for assigning wonderful Jennifer M. as my home health aide. She not only cared for me, but was so kind and compassionate regarding my daughter and granddaughter. Aside from physically assisting me, she imparted helpful philosophical and psychological knowledge and always made me laugh when I felt like crying. She became part of my life.
Natalie N.