Elderly Home Care Guide

A Guide to Home Care for Aging Adults


Providing the Best Care for Your Loved Ones Through Miami-Dade Jewish Elderly Care Services

Caring for the sick and the elderly can be quite demanding and many are somewhat opposed to sending their parents or relatives to assisted living centers in the Miami-Dade area. However, people are sometimes too busy with work and have plenty of other responsibilities that they don’t have much choice but to send their loved ones to such care facilities. More often than not, this creates conflicts among themselves and their loved ones who may feel like have been abandoned. On the other hand, guilt feelings may ensue if adults were forced to send their loved ones to home care facilities.

Home care side holding hand of MIami seniorIn providing the best care for your loved ones, it is very important to know that the sick and the elderly parent or relative feels most comfortable and safest at home. Furthermore, there are many advantages to hiring a home care service and one of them is that you will be able to monitor your loved one more frequently.

Most adults think that sending their loved ones to assisted care facilities is the only option available for them but there is actually a solution that may work for you. Trained home care aides are available to assist your loved ones in their recovery if they are sick or help them with their usual daily activities if they are too old to do so. They can help provide self-care and even accompany your parents or relatives when they are socializing with other seniors.

At the Jewish Home Care Service of Miami Dade, our aides are trained to do light housekeeping, running errands, bathing and feeding your elderly parent or sick relative. Furthermore, our staff is knowledgeable with specific diet plans and Kosher food preparation and cooking for Jewish clients. Senior clients can mostly benefit from hiring one of our emphatic aides to make sure that they are well-cared for.

The goals of hiring a knowledgeable aide are to allow your elderly parents and relatives to continuously decide for themselves, to allow them ample freedom, to help them achieve a sense of fulfilment and to provide them with dignity and care until the end of their lives. Our home care services are ideal for seniors who are living alone, as well as those who are waiting to recuperate from prolonged illnesses.

Our aides are professional and are skilled in keeping records of the clients’ daily activities and progress, which nurses and physicians can use as basis for care. You can depend on them for your elderly loved ones’ daily exercise and making sure that their medications and supplements are given on time. Furthermore, they are trained and licensed to practice and they understand the procedures for basic care. They will immediately refer your loved ones to the nurse or doctor, when necessary.

Nowadays, more and more elderly individuals are staying at home to enjoy a better quality of life than living in assisted care facilities where they will be treated as “patients.” This is only possible if they have someone with them who can take the on the role of a primary care giver. We thoroughly screen and select our aides to ensure that your elderly loved ones will receive only the best care possible. You can sleep at night soundly, knowing that your parents or relatives are safe and happy at home and are with someone who is more than capable of caring for them.

If you are interested in providing the best care to your senior loved ones, we can conduct an interview to assess and evaluate the client and the location. This is done to make sure that specific needs of the client are met, such as providing them with the right management for a particular medical condition that they have. Do not hesitate to ask questions and make requests during the interview. After a successful evaluation, we can already match your loved one with the right caregiver that he or she needs.


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With Gratitude
I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you did for my mother. The team of aides, Janet, Kimka and Antoinette were categorically exceptional!!! All three caregivers gave willingly and selflessly and communicated with each other and me regarding my mother’s care. She would not have lasted as long as she did were it not for the excellent care she received from these caregivers. I will be more than happy to provide a reference for any one of them in the future.
Michael M.


Dear Staff
Many thanks for assigning wonderful Jennifer M. as my home health aide. She not only cared for me, but was so kind and compassionate regarding my daughter and granddaughter. Aside from physically assisting me, she imparted helpful philosophical and psychological knowledge and always made me laugh when I felt like crying. She became part of my life.
Natalie N.