Elderly Home Care Guide

A Guide to Home Care for Aging Adults


The Benfits of Having a Home Care Aide

Many senior citizens are choosing to live in their own homes. If you have an elderly family member, this can lead to many concerns. A home care aide may be the ideal option for your aging loved one.

A home care aide is trained to promote safety in an elderly person's home. Your senior's home will be kept neat and clean. This can prevent slips, falls, and other accidents. From ensuring there is adequate lighting, to removing any debris, the aide will make sure the home is safe for your loved one.

elderly man with a home care aideYour senior's health is a priority to the home care aide. Depending on your loved one's situation, an aide's duties can range from ensuring he receives appropriate medication to preparing and serving healthy meals. If your senior has any special needs, the aide will follow the physician's instructions.

Companionship is an important part of the home care aide's role. Whether your senior loves to socialize with others, or prefers to be alone, companionship will help him stay healthy, alert, and happy. When he has the opportunity to talk to his aide on a regular basis, he will see his concerns are taken seriously. He will know he is a valuable human being with much to offer. It can reduce the sense of isolation associated with aging.

Some seniors have daily errands they cannot accomplish alone. Whether he needs assistance with grocery shopping, transportation to a senior citizen center, or some other type of errand, he will receive the help he needs from his aide.

Aides also provide supervision for elderly persons. If your loved one is healthy and does not require any medical care, supervision is an important reason to hire an aide. Simply being alone for long periods of time can cause seniors to worry and become depressed. He may be tempted to leave home alone, and risk an accident. The presence of a home care aide can eliminate these risks.

The aging years can be as worrisome to family members as to the senior himself. In many cases, seniors do not need to be placed in skilled nursing facilities. They are generally happier and healthier when they remain in their own homes.

Your senior's sense of freedom and independence does not need to end because he is aging. He can enjoy his golden years without unnecessary risks. You can have peace of mind, knowing he is healthy and safe.

In Miami, Miami Beach and the entire Dade County Florida area, you may contact Jewish Home Care Services of Miami Dade for a free, in home care consultation by calling: 305-534-5055  or Toll Free     877-706-0785


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With Gratitude
I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you did for my mother. The team of aides, Janet, Kimka and Antoinette were categorically exceptional!!! All three caregivers gave willingly and selflessly and communicated with each other and me regarding my mother’s care. She would not have lasted as long as she did were it not for the excellent care she received from these caregivers. I will be more than happy to provide a reference for any one of them in the future.
Michael M.


Dear Staff
Many thanks for assigning wonderful Jennifer M. as my home health aide. She not only cared for me, but was so kind and compassionate regarding my daughter and granddaughter. Aside from physically assisting me, she imparted helpful philosophical and psychological knowledge and always made me laugh when I felt like crying. She became part of my life.