Elderly Home Care Guide - The Job of a Home Care Aide

Elderly Home Care Guide

A Guide to Home Care for Aging Adults


The Role of a Home Care Aide

Understanding the benefits of hiring a home care aide

Baby Boomers who celebrated their 65th birthday in 2011 have joined a special group of Americans - the older population. home care aide and elderly clientBy 2030, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that the number of seniors in the country could reach 72 million - double the figure estimated in 2000. With an older population requiring special care and assistance and many of them relatively independent home-owning individuals, the services of a home care aide will be invaluable in ensuring that the elderly are taken care of.

What Does a Home Care Aide Do?

A home care aide performs a number of important tasks and services for a senior client. Their goal is to provide a caring and secure environment for the elderly to ensure that their quality of life is maintained and that their personal needs are met. A home care aide acts as a personal assistant and non-medical carer for the elderly who may no longer be able to perform the tasks themselves due to their age, certain health issues and disabilities. Since they reside in their own homes or in daytime non-residential facilities, senior clients usually require assistance only in tasks that they used to do on their own but can no longer perform effectively or efficiently.

Some of the common tasks that a home care aide does include:

- Provide personal and bedside care, especially on personal hygiene and grooming
- Assist clients with bathing and dressing
- Assist clients for bedtime and naps
- Help clients follow their medication schedule under the direction and supervision of licensed medical personnel such as registered nurses
- Perform common housekeeping duties such as cleaning the home and surroundings, doing the laundry and pressing clothes (if necessary), changing bed sheets and cooking
- Ensure that any special diets are followed
- Run errands such as shopping for groceries, clothes, medications and other necessities, and paying for bills
- Assist clients when performing simple exercises; if exercises are prescribed, assist or work under the supervision of a physiotherapist
- Act as a companion for clients when they go out, shop or meet with other people
- Act as a driver when clients need to go out, such as for doctor's appointments and common social outings
- Assist in monitoring their client's general health by taking the client's temperature, pulse and blood pressure
- Maintain records of services performed and the progress of their clients; report changes and other pertinent information to their supervisor
- Participate in and provide insight and other relevant information during case reviews to evaluate the condition and progress of the client
- Help plan for continuing care

In a lot of cases, a home care aide will not only work with their client but also with their client's family, offering advice and recommendation on the proper care of the client, especially during periods of convalescence and/or incapacitation. The goal of the home care aide is to ensure that their elderly client is given the assistance they need to be able to adapt to a new lifestyle as a result of their age, illness or disability. A home care aide also provides companionship, a valuable role especially for the elderly who may no longer have frequent contact with family and friends.

In Broward county and Palm Beach county Florida one company has been matching trained, qualified and screened home care aides with elderly clients and their families since 1998. You can set up a free consltation in you home by calling Boca Home Care Services:561-989-0611 or 877-706-0785



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With Gratitude
I want to let you know how much I appreciate all of you did for my mother. The team of aides, Janet, Kimka and Antoinette were categorically exceptional!!! All three caregivers gave willingly and selflessly and communicated with each other and me regarding my mother’s care. She would not have lasted as long as she did were it not for the excellent care she received from these caregivers. I will be more than happy to provide a reference for any one of them in the future.
Michael M.


Dear Staff
Many thanks for assigning wonderful Jennifer M. as my home health aide. She not only cared for me, but was so kind and compassionate regarding my daughter and granddaughter. Aside from physically assisting me, she imparted helpful philosophical and psychological knowledge and always made me laugh when I felt like crying. She became part of my life.
Natalie N.